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To work with the best in class vendors and pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to guarantee effective and competitive procurement and distribution of the highest quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for government health ministries, health centers and community pharmacies.

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Oxaliplatin Medac

An antineoplastic substance belonging to the group of platinum based compounds.
Human albumin

Human Albumin

Obtained from the plasma of healthy donor.


A pharmaceutical preparation containing human-derived FSH
Bakri Balloon

Bakri Balloon

Bakri balloon for management of postpartum hemorrhage

Cervical Ripening Balloon

Cervix dilation to facilitate labor induction
Aspiration needle

Aspiration Needle

With EchoTip® technology used for aspiration and flushing of oocytes
Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

Precurved guiding catheter with Microvol™ technology
Fertlization CM

Sequential Culture Solutions

Appropriate nutrients for each stage of embryo development
IVF Incubator

MINC Desktop Incubator

for optimal culture environment
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