About Us

About Us

Transmed Pharma is a trading company based in the Palestinian National Authority territories. We are a leading distributor and supplier for the highest quality pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for hospital and healthcare markets throughout the Middle East. Our experienced management team has guided the company's growth to date and is continuously seeking to expand our business.

Environmental Policy

Transmed Pharma is committed to sound environmental practices and values that are an integral part of how we do business. Adherence to the environmental policy is emphasized through all levels of responsibility within the company.

Our operations are carried out by a team of industry professionals with extensive experience working with the latest quality and process standards. Our dedication to promote an effective environmental policy is manifested in the following:

  • Clear and well-documented processes and work procedures that ensure best practice and an attitude of respect towards the Environment.
  • Employees that understand and apply the relevant aspects of the company's policy in their day-to-day activities.
  • Proper management of solid waste in such manner that negative impact on the environment is minimized.
  • Open information policy and communication with all parties affected by, interested, and involved in our activities.
  • Strive to continuously meet all relevant environmental regulations and guidelines set forth by the local and international health institution.

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